The Year of The Mindful Woman

It seems that today we are often entrenched in a hectic, stressful and frequently troubling space.  We find ourselves grappling with emotionally difficult situations alone, sometimes developing a pattern of avoiding painful or lonely feelings and compounding our sadness or depression.  This mindset is all too common.  We become reactive instead of proactive; our relationships suffer and we define ourselves by our limiting beliefs and our behaviors.


You are NOT alone!  We are creating a community of women, a tribe if you will, to educate and support you on your way; and to hear you because you have so much to offer this community!  Your path is not a straight-line so isn’t it about time to stop forcing yourself to look, feel, think, react any other way than your way?

The concept of mindfulness is relatively new and certainly evolving in our Western culture, but mindfulness has been used in Eastern practices for centuries.

“Did she have passion?”

This was the only questioned asked by ancient Greek Philosophers when someone passed away.

You want a life with passion; as no ordinary life would do for you (at least not anymore)!

We strongly believe that to ignite the passion, we must cultivate and enrich our mindfulness.

Our Year of the Mindful Woman Membership offers an abundance of outcomes:

  • Feel a greater sense of peace and calmness when stress unfolds around you
  • Become in tune with all of your emotions (without judgement)
  • Increased satisfaction with daily life
  • Deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Increased acceptance and compassion for yourself and others
  • You are fiercely independent but you don’t have to handle everything alone
  • Life is good but…. are you thriving? Stop feeling guilt or resentment for wanting more or something different.
  • Show up and be seen. Every human being has basic human needs and one of those is validation.
  • Early release from a life of coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.
  • More heart, less brain!!!
  • Peace
Mindfulness is not a dogma or religious doctrine.  It is a philosophy for life.  Life is often hard, and mindfulness takes effort.  This is why you have a 12-month program to support you along the path.  Just as we must develop our physical muscles, mindfulness takes time and practice.  Ultimately, practicing mindfulness provides a pathway to happiness and fulfillment.

Early Registration Discount Ends In:

What is possible for you as a Mindful Woman?

Relationships with deep connection

Clarity about what you want, what you get to give up and where you are headed

Personal power – owning your power proudly and with humility

A sense of freedom that stems from an honest relationship with yourself and others

A purpose driven life which is the direct result of paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judgement…a direct result of living mindfully!

A community solely created for the purpose of sharing, contributing, laughing, loving, healing, and growing; a community seeded in acceptance, respect, kindness, courage and unconditional love

A community filled with women who have the ability to change the world by simply pooling their resources, their commitment, their love, their connection and their passion to make the world a better place (starting with themselves).

What you get as a Mindful Woman Member:

  • One quarterly one-on-one coaching session {60 minutes via telephone}
  • Enrollment in the monthly one-day course
  • Weekly content that supports monthly course topic
  • Online community/forum where you will get to connect, share, support, learn and teach one another
  • Access to the message board
  • Exclusive workshop discounts
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Coffee talk (optional monthly gathering for connection, conversation and coffee)
  • Discount for business coaching
  • Opportunity to submit content for newsletter publication
  • Access to online webinars
  • Listing in Grad Business Directory
  • Opportunity to put you and your own well-being first
  • Continued opportunity to hone your mindfulness abilities
  • Build your confidence
  • Foster deeper connections
  • A community of support when you are struggling and when you are thriving
  • Sharing, laughing, crying, supporting, relating and so much more with a community of women that not only get you unconditional, they support want you unconditionally
  • Opportunities to build connections with a diverse group of women
  • Monthly insights, thought-provoking questions, support, accountability, and FUN!
  • Private Facebook group

Exclusive Members-Only Network

Official Launch Coming this January!!!



One Time Fee
  • Full Membership to The Mindful Woman
  • Membership Fees of $39.99/month
  • Admission to A Clean Slate Kick-Off not included

Payment information for monthly membership fees (where applicable) will be collected at registration for A Clean Slate or we will contact you directly.